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Coronavirus Update

Dear Patients,

As you know, the team at SCENT has been closely following the developments in COVID-19 situations. In light of the recently increased restrictions governing Los Angeles County, we would like to remind you that medical care is, in fact, an “essential” service. Our office continues to be open to meet the needs of our patients. We are continuing to observe increased precautions in the interests of keeping our staff and our patients safe.

If you feel that you need to consult with your provider but are unable to come to the office, please call to schedule a telemedicine visit. Telemedicine visits can be done from your computer, laptop or on your smartphone by downloading the “Healow” app.


Drs. Amoils, Vadapalli, Saadat, Friedman, and the rest of the SCENT team.

Dear Patients,

We would like to let you know that SCENT has now started offering telemedicine services so that our patients who are unable to come into the office can continue to receive care. If you are over the age of 65 or have other significant health issues we would encourage you to take advantage of this service. In order to schedule your remote visit, please call our office and request an appointment for a telemedicine visit. You will then receive an email from our system which will give you step-by-step guidance through the process. You will need a computer with a camera and a microphone so that we can see you and speak with you during your visit. Please confirm that we have your correct email and phone number on file when you schedule your appointment. As always, the safety of our patients is our primary concern. If we can be of any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Drs. Amoils, Vadapalli, Saadat, Friedman, and the entire SCENT team

Dear Patients,

The team at SCENT would like to let you know that we are monitoring the COVID-19 situation very carefully. As is always the case, the health and well being of our patients is our first priority. That said, we would like to make you aware of a few things:

  1. Our office currently remains open to continue to meet the needs of our patients. In order to ensure the safety of our office, we have increased the frequency and intensity of our sanitation protocol. At present, none of our physicians or staff has reported any coronavirus symptoms and there has been nothing to suggest any likelihood of infection in our practice.
  2. We are not equipped to test for or treat COVID-19. If you are concerned that you may be infected, please contact your primary care physician for further instructions. In order to keep our office locations safe, we ask that you do not visit the office if you are experiencing coronavirus symptoms. This will help to ensure the safety of the majority of our patients, who are in the office for issues of another nature.
  3. Virtually all of the surgery that we perform is done in an outpatient ambulatory surgery center setting. These facilities are free-standing and have no physical connection to a hospital. There has not, to date, been any suggestion of any coronavirus related issues at any of the facilities we use.
  4. Non-emergent surgeries that are scheduled to be done in a hospital or that will require admission for an overnight stay may have to be rescheduled. This will help to ensure the safety of our patients and to avoid placing a strain on hospital resources that could be better allocated elsewhere. If your plans are disrupted by this, we are sorry for the inconvenience and we will do our best to reschedule you as soon as is possible.

While we know that this is a very trying time, we would like to ensure you that we are doing our best to safely serve the Santa Clarita and Antelope Valley communities. We are continuing to monitor the situation with the health of our patients at the front of our minds. Thank you for your understanding.

Drs. Amoils, Vadapalli, Saadat, Friedman, and the entire SCENT team.

COVID-19 - Changes to Our Office Procedures

Dear Patients,

In the midst of the rapidly evolving COVID-19 situation, we would like to inform you of some changes that we have made to our office policies and procedures in order to help ensure the safety of our patients. We have made the following changes to our office:

In order to minimize the number of patients waiting in our office, we will be allowing patients to check-in at an outdoor kiosk. Patients who would prefer to wait in their car rather than in the waiting room will be allowed to do so and will be notified by phone when they are imminently due for their appointment.

  1. The spacing inside of our office in the waiting room and throughout other patient areas has been expanded to facilitate safe “social distancing” recommendations.
  2. We are asking that patients bring as few additional people to their appointments as possible. If possible, please try to bring only a single guardian or caretaker with you to your visit.
  3. We will be launching a “telemedicine” service later this week so that existing patients can make a remote appointment with their provider.
  4. We have further increased our sterilization protocols throughout all of the spaces of our office.

At SCENT, the safety of our patients is our top priority. We are taking every measure we can so that we may continue to provide quality care to our patients in the most secure environment possible. Thank you for your understanding.

Drs. Amoils, Vadapalli, Saadat, Friedman, and the entire SCENT team.

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