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Satish R. Vadapalli, MD

Dr. Satish R. Vadapalli was born in Burlington, Vermont, and grew up playing soccer, tennis and the saxophone in Boca Raton, Florida. As the valedictorian of his high school class, he received numerous scholarships, was a National Merit Scholar and was immediately accepted into the prestigious 6-year program at Pennsylvania State University and Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. After earning his Bachelor of Science degree in Science and graduating with honors, he moved west and began his residency at the University of Southern California (USC). It was during this time when he met his lovely wife, Dr. Sununda Vadapalli, a pediatrician. Dr. Vadapalli served on the USC faculty for a year after residency, and he is dual board certified in Otolaryngology and Sleep Medicine.

Dr. Vadapalli chose Otolaryngology because he enjoys caring for patients of all ages, working on the smallest anatomy of the body, and the balance between office visits and surgery.

Star Wars is Dr. Vadapalli’s favorite movie, and on weekends he coaches his children’s soccer teams.

According to his colleagues, Dr. Vadapalli is the most versatile individual in that he can perform surgery, fix a computer and shuttle his children to after-school activities all in one day. He is also thorough and intelligent.

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