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Hearing Aid Rules

There are several rules to keep in mind when wearing hearing aids. These rules are not only to keep your hearing aids safe but to keep you and those around you safe as well. 

DO NOT get your hearing aids wet. Most hearing aids are water-resistant but they are NOT waterproof. If you dive into your swimming pool they most likely will not work after the incident. Also, be careful not to leave them in your pocket and have them go through the laundry. If you accidentally get the hearing aids wet if possible remove the hearing aid battery and let the hearing aids air dry for several hours. Sometimes they will revive. Never use a hot blow dryer or oven to try to dry your hearing devices. Most rechargeable hearing aids do not allow you to remove the battery; however, they tend to be more water-resistant because the battery is sealed into the instrument. Also, do not store your hearing aids in a humid environment, such as a bathroom. Constant exposure to moisture can cause corrosion. 

DO NOT use your hearing aids around loud noise. Do not use your hearing aids with power tools, firearms or at loud concerts. Anywhere that hearing protection is recommended it is strongly recommended to leave your hearing aids out. Hearing aids are not designed to be hearing protection if they are turned off in your ear. There is considerable risk to further damage your hearing if you wear hearing aids instead of earmuffs or earplugs. 

DO NOT leave your hearing aid batteries near children, pets or medications. Hearing aid batteries are poisonous if swallowed. Small children may mistake them for candy and if batteries are kept in pill bottles they may be mistaken as a tablet. If you suspect that a battery has been ingested, most battery packages have the telephone number to contact poison control. 

DO NOT wear your hearing aids during MRI testing. The MRI can damage your hearing devices. 

DO NOT leave your hearing aids near dogs or cats. One of the most common reasons for loss and damage insurance claims is because the devices were eaten by pets. Keep your hearing aids in their case and high out of reach of your furry friends.

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