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Santa Clarita ENT (SCENT) physicians and audiologists work together to provide the most comprehensive hearing health care available. We use state-of-the-art technology to help us pinpoint any hearing or balance disorders, and then create an individualized treatment plan to ensure all of your hearing and balance related issues are properly addressed.
Our services cover many hearing and balance related issues, including but not limited to:

Hearing Disorders

  • Acoustic Neuroma
  • Earwax Build-Up or Impaction
  • Hearing Loss
  • Hyperacusis
  • Noise Induced Hearing Loss
  • Ototoxicity from Ear Drops
  • Sudden Hearing Loss
  • Tinnitus

Balance Disorders

  • B12 Deficiency
  • Bilateral Vestibulopathy
  • Cogan’s Syndrome
  • Meniere’s Disease
  • Vertigo

At SCENT, we take the time to evaluate each facet of the problem to ensure proper diagnosis of the cause, type, and severity of hearing loss and/or balance issue you may have. Subsequently, our staff will recommend the best treatment option to address your specific needs.

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